Ex-Cowboy Believes Jerry Jones Is Waiting On Blockbuster Move

The Dallas Cowboys’ head coach is Mike McCarthy. But ESPN’s Marcus Spears thinks that this could change next year. He believes Jerry Jones is interested in Sean Payton.

“Have we not paid attention to Jerry Jones for a long time? When Wade Phillips was there, Jerry Jones wanted and was grooming Jason Garrett to be the head coach,” Spears said on NFL Live. “He is waiting for Sean Payton to say I want to come to Dallas, and they’re going to make it happen and give the New Orleans Saints what they need.”

Payton, who was the New Orleans Saints’ head coach earlier this year, still has connections to Dallas. From 2003 to 2005, he was Cowboys’ assistant coach and quarterbacks coach.

Spears is certain that Dallas will pursue Payton, if he’s serious about the job.

“If Sean Payton shows interest in wanting to coach the Cowboys, he’ll be the coach eventually. I don’t give a damn what Mike McCarthy does. Listen, y’all, this ain’t hard.”

These rumors are not new to Payton. He addressed the Cowboys and all of the noise around him back in April.

It’s a way out there, and it’s two things. Payton stated via Saints News Network, “I think there are obvious reasons people would bring that team up. A lot of it has do with the fact that I just used to work there.” I have a great relationship with Jerry Jones and his family as well as that team. Outside of that, I don’t see the opportunity to coach in the NFL again.

“The Dallas thing is not to be fought or said. Although it’s not difficult, I believe it’s not hard. Mike McCarthy is finding it challenging because he’s winning down there.

It is intriguing to think of Payton returning home to Dallas. It will depend on how successful the Cowboys in the 2022 season.

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