ESPN Analyst: Time To Hit “Panic Button” Over Dak Prescott Injury

The Cowboys did not allow their star quarterback to practice full-time this week, despite downplaying his shoulder injury. One ESPN analyst is a little concerned about this.

Rob Ninkovich, ESPN’s Head of Got Up declared Friday that Prescott should “hit the panic button”. He said that Prescott’s injury is likely to flare up again, and that it has taken so long for him to heal.

Ninkovich said that he doesn’t care about Dak’s availability in the preseason games. He is worried that Dak’s inability work with his receivers could be an issue that will carry over to the regular season.

Damien Woody, an ESPN analyst, agreed. Ninkovich’s comments were retorted by Woody, who pointed out that the Cowboys will need chemistry this year.

After recovering from last year’s ankle injury, Dak Prescott was able to enter Cowboys training camp in good health. This new injury didn’t take too long to manifest. Since then, the Cowboys have been very conservative.

Prescott’s absence made it difficult for the Dallas Cowboys to score last year. Prescott’s health is crucial to their playoff hopes in 2021.

The Cowboys could be in a very critical week next week. If Prescott isn’t back by then Ninkovich may be right. The Cowboys need to start pressing the panic button.

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