ESPN Analyst Proposes Cowboys Trading Dak Prescott

ESPN analyst believes Cowboys should trade Dak Prescott


Now, this is certainly an alternative to paying Dak Prescott loads of money.


As the Dallas Cowboys head into the 2020 NFL Draft, Prescott remains under the franchise tag with no contract extension in the near sight. He wants to be paid as one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but the Cowboys have not come to terms with completing his request.


Under the franchise tag, Prescott will receive nearly $29 million, but not the stability he wants. He also has been rumored to wanting nearly $35 million in annual salary.


For those reasons, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell believes that it might be time to trade Prescott. According to Barnwell, in his hypothetical NFL trades column, the Miami Dolphins should try and trade the No. 5 pick to the Cowboys and land Prescott.


Barnwell wrote that the Dolphins have been backtracking away from quarterback Tua Tagovailo. The Dolphins coud trade the No. 5 pick and the No. 82 pick in the third round for Prescott and the No. 17 overall pick in the first round.


“The Cowboys would be moving up here for one of the non-Burrow quarterbacks, with somebody such as Jordan Love stepping in as the immediate starter in what would become more of a run-first Cowboys offense,” wrote Barnwell. “This trade values Prescott as something close to the 17th pick in a typical draft by the Jimmy Johnson chart. The Cowboys stuck the exclusive franchise tag on him because they didn’t want to run the risk of losing him for two first-round picks, but I suspect they feared that a team like the Patriots might steal him away for two picks in the late 20s.”


Barnwell wrote that the Dolphins could give Prescott the contracf he wants and would feel more safe with him than Tagovailo.

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