ESPN Analyst: Jerry Jones Doesn’t Actually Want To Win Super Bowl

On Thursday, Jerry Jones was criticized for suggesting that he wanted a quarterback controversy with Cooper Rush and Dak Prescott.

Ryan Clark, an ESPN analyst, had harsh words to say about the Dallas Cowboys longtime owner during Friday’s episode Get up.

“It’s like the dude wakes up and says, ‘What’s the most outlandish thing I could say to F up my team this morning.’ And then he just picks something,” Clark said. “[Jerry Jones] don’t like peace. … Jerry Jones walks around like he wants a championship, but he doesn’t. He just wants to be talked about like he wants a championship.”

Clark implied that Jones was “toxic” for Cowboys.

Cooper Rush was the Cowboys’ star in Week 2, leading them to victory over the Bengals. Prescott is still recovering from his thumb injury sustained in Week 1. Jones wants Rush to be successful, but to suggest that Prescott could face a quarterback dilemma when he returns to the game is, as Clark stated, “outlandish.”

Prescott may be back on the field in Week 4 or 5, which is well ahead of his recovery schedule.

This week, the Cowboys will take on the New York Giants in an Monday Night Football matchup.

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