ESPN Analyst Is Concerned About The Dallas Cowboys

One ESPN analyst doesn’t believe the Dallas Cowboys will get back on track, despite them getting back on track Thursday evening.

Ryan Clark was on ESPN’s Get Up Friday morning. He continues to feel worse than ever about Dallas.

Clark stated that he continues to feel worse about Cowboys every week. Clark said, “You can see so much that was going on with this team early in the season. Every close game had a bright spot. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the only team to lose, but it felt like the quarterback was at an MVP level. The run game was elite. Protection was excellent. Defense was both opportunistic at times and stingy at others. This isn’t the football team we want. This was the team that I saw carry the NFC to the Super Bowl. That is no longer my feeling.”


CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper were both still out as of Thursday night’s victory. This is huge. They are the best pass-catchers on Dallas and do everything.

Dallas also experienced a large COVID epidemic in the past few weeks. Positive COVID results meant that Mike McCarthy, the head coach, and other positions’ coaches were unable to attend Thursday night.

Clark will be proven wrong by the Cowboys next Sunday when they take on Washington Football Team.

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