ESPN Analyst Has Blunt Message For Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

Ryan Clark, ESPN’s analyst on Cowboys football, believes that Dak Prescott must wake up if the Cowboys are to win a Super Bowl.

Clark spoke on Monday’s Get Up, and discussed how Prescott is keeping the team from competing.

Clark stated that the offense was expected to lead the team earlier in the season. Clark said, “We believed Dak Prescott would play at an MVP level. This is why this team would be considered a contender for the championship.” When you consider what Micah Parsons and Dan Quinn have done to improve this defense, this defense is now the reason this team is able to win football games. This Dak Prescott, who is playing football right now, can’t win a championship. They can’t be a Super Bowl team without No. 4 at the same level as he is.”

Prescott ended Sunday’s game with just 211 yards of passing, with one touchdown and two interceptions. One was a pick-6 in the fourth quarter.

Prescott has only four touchdown passes in his last four games but five interceptions.

Prescott’s play needs to improve. He had only five interceptions and 20 touchdown passes before these four games.

Next Sunday, the Cowboys will face off against the New York Giants at noon. ET.

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