Emmitt Smith Reveals His True Feelings On Today’s Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys just finished a 12-5 season, which saw them record the NFL’s best offense for the first time since 2009. They were unable to advance the Wild Card Round.

Smith spoke to SI RN and said that the Cowboys weren’t yet stars and they can’t act like they have “arrived”. Smith stated that they must win championships to be considered great.

“You’re not yet a star. You are not yet a GOAT. You are not yet great. To be a champion, you have to win… Otherwise, you’re going to be living in the shadows that came before you,” Smith stated.

Smith stated that the Cowboys must get out of the mindset they have already reached, in order to win.

Since Dak Prescott was their starter in 2016, the Dallas Cowboys have not won a playoff game.

The team has not even made it to the NFC Championship Game since 1995, the year they last appeared in the Super Bowl. They have won four playoff games since then.

The Dallas Cowboys have a superb roster heading into next season – though they’ve had that for what seems like years now.

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