Donald Trump’s Old Comment About The Cowboys Goes Viral

An old comment from Donald Trump about the Dallas Cowboys went viral following Forbes’ new list of the most valuable franchises in the NFL.

Forbes released the franchise valuations earlier this week for each team in the National Football League. The Cowboys ranked No. 1.

The franchise of Jerry Jones is valued at $6.5 million. This is the highest value in the league, and probably the world.

The Cowboys currently have a value of $1.5 billion higher than the next highest-valued NFL franchise. The franchise value for the New England Patriots is $5 billion.

Before Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys, the former president of the United States tried to buy the Cowboys.

Trump made a joke about Jones and Cowboys after he lost to them.

Trump stated, “I feel sorry” for the Dallas Cowboys owner. He said, “It’s not a win situation for him because if they win, well so what. But if they lose, which seems likely due to their troubles, he will be known around the world as a loser.”

Although the former president of the United States was correct about the importance of scrutiny, Jerry Jones is no loser.

Jones has made the Cowboys the most valuable franchise in the world, and he’s also won three Super Bowls.

The Cowboys will open the 2021 season against the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday, September 9.

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