Details Emerge why Randy Gregory signed with Broncos instead of Cowboys

Randy Gregory will be moving to the Denver Broncos, instead of remaining with the Dallas Cowboys during his NFL free agency.

Everyone thought Randy Gregory would stick with the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday, but he is now heading to the Denver Broncos.

Gregory turned heel from the Cowboys after almost signing a 5-year, $70million deal. Only $28 million was guaranteed. Gregory will now be moving west to Denver. The Broncos will now have this bad deal on their books. Good luck! Gregory made the decision to leave Dallas, who was presumptive favorite to keep his services.

Ian Rapoport, of the NFL Network, provided some clarity about Gregory’s decision to change his mind.

Randy Gregory left the Cowboys agreement to play for the Broncos.
According to reports, the breakdown was all about the contract’s language. Gregory’s five year deal with the Cowboys included ramifications to help protect the Dallas franchise. Gregory is a skilled player with a complicated past. Gregory has missed seasons in the past, which is why he’s only just reaching free agency in his late 20s.

Denver clearly valued Gregory’s addition to its defense in this offseason. The Broncos have already traded for Russell Wilson, their star quarterback. They expect to add a few more leads in the upcoming season. With that in mind, Gregory was the obvious choice to be their top-five pass rusher. He might break the Denver uniform 10-sack threshold.

Although the deals will be identical, the Cowboys’ contract contained finer language.

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