Depressing Video Shows Jimmy Garoppolo Running At Training Camp By Himself As 49ers Don’t Want Him Practicing With Team (VIDEO)

Jimmy Garoppolo handled his situation professionally, knowing that his current team doesn’t want him on their roster.

A Jimmy Garoppolo deal seemed certain when the offseason began. A slew teams began trading and drafting to fill this position. Jimmy G is the last remaining player in this game of musical chairs.

Although he doesn’t want to practice with the 49ers, he is technically still part of their squad. He is therefore attending training camp but not working out alone.

Video of the veteran QB, as fans cheer him on.



Jimmy G was a leader for the 49ers to the NFC Championships twice in three seasons. Now, Trey Lance wants him to go. The business is the business.

DraftKings has three favorite teams. The odds of the Seahawks winning are +275. The Dolphins (sorry TuAnon), at +330, are next. The Texans are in third place at +400.

Garoppolo played in 15 games last season and threw for 3,810 yard with 20 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.

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