Dan Patrick Predicts Dallas Cowboys Reach Super Bowl

Chiefs, Bucs, and Saints are just a few Super Bowl pick but Dan Patrick had a different idea.


With the NFL back, the Chiefs are a solid pick to repeat as champions; however, the longtime radio host went in a different direction when it came to his 2020-2021 Super Bowl prediction.


The producers on the show had picked such as Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay, Chiefs vs. Dallas Cowboys, and Baltimore Ravens vs. New Orleans.


After pondering for a moment, Patrick decided that he was going to go with the Ravens vs. the Cowboys, ending the quote with a “How ‘bout them Cowboys?!”


“The Ravens beat the Cowboys in the Super Bowl… The Cowboys were just begging for me to take them, so I said ‘Alright, I’m going to do it one time.’ I’m going all in.” All-in until the final game, when he has Lamar Jackson and John Harbaugh lifting the Lombardi Trophy, that is.”

Patrick likes the Cowboys to come out of the NFC East, citing how average the division is.

“Dallas, I’m looking at going ‘Alright, Giants aren’t that good, Washington is okay, and Philadelphia, I don’t think is a great team,’” Patrick said. “So if you can pile up those wins, and you get 10, because if you don’t win now, when are you going to win in Dallas?”

Patrick had another bold prediction by stating that quarterback Dak Prescott is going to get paid a hefty raise after this season.

“He’s going to make probably $40 million a year. Probably. And they could’ve had him for $33-34 (million)… And it would’ve been a bargain. At the time, we were like ‘Is he worth that? Are they going to pay him that?’ And they waited, and it cost them.”

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