Dan Orlovsky explains why Dak Prescott is facing most pressure of any NFL quarterback entering 2022 season

Dan Orlovsky, an ESPN analyst, is placing pressure on Dak Prescott. Orvlovsky wanted the quarterback to show that he is worth it.

Prescott, who is in his sixth season in the NFL, led the Cowboys to their third consecutive playoff appearance. They lost in the Wild Card round to San Francisco 49ers, which was yet another disappointing result. Prescott’s postseason record fell to 1-3, prompting many to question his fitness to play as a franchise quarterback.

Orlovsky also appeared on The Rich Eisenberg show Monday to argue that Prescott is under the most pressure ahead of the upcoming season.

“It’s time to go,” said the ESPN analyst. We all know the story and it’s fair and accurate when you pay the quarterback lots of money. What happens to your other players? It can cause stress and hinder your ability to build it.

“I also started thinking of the last quarterbacks that within a year of them getting their big contract extension and what they did with it. Patrick (Mahomes) went to the Super Bowl. Jared Goff went to the Super Bowl. Josh Allen basically played one of the greatest quarterback games we’ve ever seen in last year’s playoff. So now, Dak Prescott has been the last quarterback that got his big money that we’re sitting here as still a youngish player and saying, ‘OK, it’s time to pay it off and prove that was the right investment.’”

Prescott had a record-setting 37 touchdowns and 4,449 yards, with 10 interceptions. The Cowboys did not play well against playoff-caliber teams, finishing just 1-4 in regular season contests. Dan Orlovsky also mentioned some of the Dallas players who were lost due to Dak Prescott’s large contract.

The Cowboys had three players move this offseason: receiver Amari Cooper (trade), defensive line Randy Gregory (FA), and linebacker Keanu Naal (FA). Prescott is now under greater pressure as the roster around his seems to be taking a hit.

Orlovsky stated that “we see it didn’t work out in Philadelphia for Carson Wentz, and I just think this roster (Dallas), has been slowly picked up a bit since that contract.” “This team plays in a division that is not elite in a conference. Name me the last time Dak Prescott was with the Cowboys, or the reason they won a game against a strong opponent.

Dallas has failed to reach the playoffs in 26 of its past 26 seasons, despite winning three Super Bowls between 1992 and 1995. While Prescott’s fans still believe he is the player to get them there, his window of opportunity seems to be closing and it won’t be any easier to build a championship team.

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