Dallas Cowboys: Ryan Clark makes bold statement on Micah Parsons

Micah Parsons is having an outstanding season as a rookie in NFL. Parsons has been playing for the Dallas Cowboys all through 2021 and looks more like a veteran than a first-year pro player. He’s also received high praise for his performance.

Parsons was a huge contributor to Sunday’s win against Washington Football, which saw a 27-20 victory. He made three tackles, one with two big sacks, and one with a forced fumble. The 6-foot-3, 248-pound Penn State product has 70 tackles to his name, including 12 sacks and three forced turnovers.

Ryan Clark, ESPN’s senior vice president, took to Twitter to praise Parsons for his performance on Sunday.

Clark’s tweet stated that “No disrespect to your favorite defense player, but he’s not @MicahhParsons11.” He’s not only the most reliable rookie, but also the best defensive player in league. If he rushed, he’d have 20 sacks and 130 tackles. He may be the best at one or both!

Parsons, who was the 12th overall draft pick in 2021 NFL Draft, and the Dallas Cowboys are now 9-4 and will be back on Sunday against the New York Giants. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. ET on FOX

It is no secret that Micah Parsons, one of the most respected defenders in the NFL, is a top-notch player. His name is well-respected at both the linebacker and defensive end positions. He makes regular plays for the Dallas Cowboys defense.

He performs at an exceptional level. He does this because he is always on the sideline during game.

On Sunday, Parsons was captured on video performing push-ups along the Cowboys’ sideline during the game against Washington Football Team. In a tweet, the NFL included the caption “Micah Parsons Is Different” and a laughing Emoji.

Parsons’ biggest play against Washington was to force a fumble which led to a Cowboys touchdown. Parsons ran right through Washington’s offense line after Washington had snapped the ball. He quickly got to quarterback Taylor Heinicke, and delivered a devastating hit that caused Heinicke to lose the ball.

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