Dallas Cowboys: Mike McCarthy met with NFL office About Officiating Concerns

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys coach, is unhappy about the officiating at the Thanksgiving game against Las Vegas. He’s now venting his frustrations at the NFL Office.

McCarthy stated Friday that he had met with the NFL officiating team to discuss the referees involved in the Cowboys’ loss to the Raiders, which was 36-33. Dallas was flagged 14 time for a franchise record of 166 yards, while Las Vegas received 14 penalties for 110 yards.

According to Pro Football Talk , it’s the first time that both teams have been hit with at least 14 flags over 100 yards for the 18-year period. McCarthy doesn’t hide his emotions about it.

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According to Michael Gehlken, The Dallas Morning News, McCarthy stated that “This game was completely off the trend line,” as per statistics. “I have already spoken to the league this morning and I expect a second conversation, perhaps this afternoon.”

Anthony Brown, Cowboys cornerback, entered the game unaffected by any penalties. On Thursday night, he was flagged for pass interference. Brown failed to turn around on a deep throw from Derek Carr that set up Daniel Carlson’s game-winning field goal.

McCarthy stated that “Yesterday’s game was extremely frustrating.” It was extremely herky-jerky. “The officiating was an important part of the game.”

McCarthy’s frustration was obvious in Thursday night’s postgame press conference, when he said too much and did not say enough.

After the game, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy stated that there were “twenty-eight penalties.” “I don’t know what to say. You can write whatever you like. It’s all up to me.

McCarthy was silent about his frustration with referees, but a few Cowboys stars, such as rookie Micah Parsons were vocal.

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