Dak reveals two big time NCAA teams that passed over him

College scouts are not always perfect, but these two schools really whiffed on a prime time quarterback.


Prescott, a Louisiana native, was a three-star recruit coming out of high school. According to 247Sports’ Composite Rankings, Prescott was ranked the No. 20 dual-threat quarterback in the country.


Eventually, Prescott committed to Mississippi State and became one of the best players to ever suit up for the school. However, these two big name programs passed on Prescott according to journalist Graham Bensinger.


“Texas didn’t give me the time of the day, especially at the time,” said Prescott. “Texas was Texas, they were done recruiting by the time you’re a junior and if you weren’t that good by then, then, ‘Hey, sorry.’ So, they didn’t give me the time of the day.”


Then, Prescott named another school that may not shock you.


“And then LSU, go to the camp going into my senior year, they turn me off,” Prescott continued, per 247Sports. “Go to another camp, I believe, again, ‘Hey, you want to come play tight end? You’re athletic, maybe we’ll offer you as a tight end.’ No, I’m gonna play quarterback. And then I go into my senior year, and have a really, really good year, and LSU tries to offer me at that point but I’m already committed to Mississippi State. I wanted to be a man of my word. I grew up a Texas fan, I didn’t grow up an LSU fan. So it was even better at that time to shut up all the LSU fans and kind of put in their faces, ‘I don’t want to play for y’all. I want to come back and beat y’all.’”


During Prescott’s sophomore, junior, and senior seasons, the Tigers played Anthony Jennings, Brandon Harris, and Daniel Etling.


They are probably kicking themselves now.



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