Dak Prescott’s Brother Has Blunt Message For Ex-Cowboys Star Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant, a former wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, played with Tony Romo as well as Dak Prescott while he was with the NFC East franchise.

Bryant suggested to Prescott that he visit Romo during the offseason.

He tweeted, “Amari Cooper in Dallas is far from the Problem so let’s get it straight…Dak need call Romo to talk about how to read Defenses and how he can use his weapons in certain circumstances.”

“If you are a football fan, you will know that I don’t bashing.. there’s too many talent in Dallas for them to not be playing today ….”

Bryant’s tweet was responded to by Bryant with a tag for one of Dak Prescotts’ brothers. The suggestion was not appreciated by him.

Tad Prescott said: “I said exactly what I said.” What number of playoff wins have the 2? I speak truth and not emotion.

Prescott’s family may be defensive. Bryant, however, played with both quarterbacks. He may be right if he believes that Prescott could learn from Romo.

The Cowboys are headed into the offseason after another disappointing playoff performance.

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