Dak Prescott weighs in on controversial referee decisions during overtime loss .

Dak Preston expressed his opinions on the controversial referee calls, and non-calls. He called them excuses for a losing game. While Coach Mike McCarthy and Dallas fans were outraged by a variety of decisions made by officials on Sunday, Prescott chose not to pay attention to them.

Prescott was asked by reporters after the game how he felt regarding many called and uncalled penalties imposed on him by officials. This included two on overtime’s final drive that resulted in a turn-on-downs. Prescott kept his answer simple, and did not respond to any questions regarding the officials.

“To me, that’s excuses. We just got to play beyond that.”

Prescott’s comments are a sign that Prescott isn’t blaming officials for Sunday’s overtime loss, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Dallas fell to 6-3 in the season following their loss to the 3-6 Packers. This resulted in Dallas falling to 6-3 in the NFC East, and a narrowing of the gap in NFC Wild Card.

Prescott wasn’t asked his opinion about NFL officials on Sunday. However, his decision to opt out of the conversation marks a significant change from last year when he had a dispute with referees. Prescott applauded fans throwing debris at officials during last year’s playoff loss.

Prescott quickly apologised for his statements and said that he was just in the heat of it all after the loss. However, Prescott could have indicated that he is not looking at the referees for an excuse for the loss on Sunday. Prescott also had a bad night Sunday, throwing two interceptions that led to Packers touchdowns.

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