Dak Prescott suffers injury celebrating CeeDee Lamb touchdown

After receiving a minor injury from CeeDee Lamb , the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Preston suffered a visible bruise during a touchdown celebration. Prescott congratulated Lamb on the sideline after his helmet struck Prescott in the face, as the Cowboys led 21-3 early against the Atlanta Falcons.

Cameras captured Prescott touching Lamb’s helmet on the sideline as the quarterback gently rubbed the impact spot. Prescott displayed a visible bruise to his face after the Cowboys won 43-3. Prescott, the Cowboys’ star quarterback, did not appear to have any concerns.

After Prescott’s media appearance, Calvin Watkins of The Dallas Morning News stated that “Dak Prescott has reddish marks on his right cheek.” It’s because CeeDee Lamb headbutted him after the second touchdown. Prescott wasn’t wearing a helmet when Lamb came to hug him.

Prescott was not only in pain, but he and the Cowboys had an amazing day against the Falcons. The Cowboys had a remarkable second quarter with a 29-point score. They received contributions from nearly every star on their roster.

Prescott finished the day with two passing touchdowns, 296 yards and a rushing touchdown. Ezekiel Elliott, running back, added two touchdowns on his 14 carries. Lamb rushed for 94 yards before he hit his quarterback in his head.

The Cowboys are now 7-2 for the season. Next, they will travel to Kansas City to face the Chiefs. The Cowboys will also host a home match against the Las Vegas Raiders as well as an away match against the New Orleans Saints.

The Cowboys have more bad news: Wide receiver CeeDee lamb also suffered an injury. Lamb was declared questionable for return after suffering an arm contusion. The Cowboys had a lead so early that Lamb was not required to return.

Lamb had a huge season for the Cowboys so it is possible that his injury will not be serious. The former Oklahoma star had 41 receiving yards on 66 targets, 632 yards, and four touchdowns in the previous year. On the season, he has three 100-yard receiving games.

The Cowboys aren’t at their best offensively yet this season. Michael Gallup, wide receiver, just made his return against Falcons. He caught three passes for 42 yard. Gallup is back in Cowboys’ receiver area after his injury. Lamb is thrilled.

Lamb expressed excitement about Gallup’s return in a tweet posted by Jon Machota, The Athletic. “Many people are aware of what MG can accomplish, and if not, you will soon. He is a great playmaker and a fantastic teammate. I can’t wait to see him touch the endzone a few times soon.”


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