Dak Prescott sets personal, franchise records in Cowboys-Eagles game

It was a record-setting Week 18 for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott as the team tries to earn a No. 2 seed in the playoffs.

Prescott made two records on Saturday night’s touchdown pass against the Philadelphia Eagles. One was for a franchise, one was personal.

Prescott’s 37th touchdown was a touchdown to running back Corey Clement of 8 yards. This is a franchise record. Tony Romo, a former Cowboys quarterback, set the previous record with 36 air touchdowns in 2007.

Prescott also hasn’t thrown five touchdown passes in one game. This made the performance a personal record for the sixth year player.

Prescott completed 21 passes for 295 yards, giving the Cowboys a 51-20 advantage over the Eagles. Prescott finished the regular season with less than 10 minutes remaining. Philadelphia is without 16 starters, 10 of which are on defense.

Although the Cowboys are already in the playoffs, the decision to play their starters was controversial. However, Mike McCarthy, the Cowboys head coach was happy with the outcome.

McCarthy stated that he is approaching the matter the right way on 105.3 The FAN’s pregame radio program. “We want healthy momentum going in to next week. We are after the momentum chase. We don’t care about who they play. It’s all about us. This is about us.

Ezekiel Elliott, running back, joined the elite group on Saturday night and became only the second player in NFL history with 1,250 yards of scrimmage in his six first seasons.

If Dallas could win the No.2 NFC playoffs’ seed They will guarantee homefield advantage for the first two rounds. Losing could result in them being relegated to the fourth seed. They would be second in the NFC if Dallas wins and all three of the Cardinals, Buccaneers, and Rams lose. The NFC’s top seed will be the Green Bay Packers.

The Cowboys will be third seed if they win and  Rams lose. Dallas automatically becomes fourth seed if the Cardinals and  Rams win their games.

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