Dak Prescott Sends Message to Cowboys on Playing in Week 9

Dak Preston is “feeling great” after a right calf strain. It’s “safe” to assume that the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback will be in the center of Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos.

“I feel good,” Prescott stated Thursday via the official team website . “Obviously, I had two weeks to recover and do lots of rehab, as well as get all the modalities that I needed, and I feel great. Two great days of practice. Looking forward to Sunday.

Prescott participated fully in Thursday’s practice. This was his first participation since injuring the calf in Dallas’ Oct. 17 win against the New England Patriots. Prescott was unable to participate in the game against Minnesota Vikings last week due to excessive caution. However, the current “plan”, calls for Prescott to return to the starting line-up.

Mike McCarthy, Cowboys head coach, confirmed that Dak will practice today during team periods. “Dak will practice today [during] team periods,” Mike McCarthy, Cowboys head coach, confirmed prior to practice.

Dak won’t take ‘No’ as an answer

Prescott is determined to return to the center after missing much of last season. Prescott understands that the Cowboys made the right decision to play long games with his health, even though it was painful for him to be there.

“I understood the perspective, I knew where we were coming form and this was a long journey. We’re a team that can play for a long period of time. “We can play into the last game (of this season),” Prescott stated Thursday , per the official team website. “So that was something I needed to remember when I made the decision.”

Prescott then sent a clear message directly to club decision-makers. He said that the position belonged to him and was ready to take it back. There is no chance that backup Cooper Rush will be tapped to continue QB1 duties.

Prescott joked that they got their two weeks with bye, and added that his calf feels “pretty close to” 100%.

He said, “I will not stop doing all that is necessary to ensure that I remain on top of it.”

Zeke teases furious dak return

Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys running back, tells it that Prescott turned the aforementioned agonization into motivation to the dismay of the Von Miller-less Broncos, who are likely to be the next victims of the Dak Attack.

Elliott said earlier this week that he didn’t know if he could get more excited than he does every day, but if so, I think this week might be one of those weeks,” Elliott stated to reporters via Jori EPstein of USA Today. “We know the type of energy and intensity Dak will bring.

“He’s going be fired up.”

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