Dak Prescott Send honest Message To Cowboys fans on getting rid of Amari Cooper, Randy Gregory, La’el Collins

During the NFL offseason, the Dallas Cowboys made major changes to their roster. The process seems to be trusted by Quarterback Dak Prescott.

Cowboys have let go of long-standing roster players in wide receiver Amari Cooper and defensive end Randy Gregory. Dak Prescott was questioned about Dallas’s offseason moves and the current state after two weeks of NFL free agency.

Via Cowboys beat reporter Jon Machota from The Athletic:

“Things happen and things change,” Dak Prescott said of the Cowboys’ offseason moves thus far. “I think it will be to that standard here soon. Obviously, things aren’t done. Free agency isn’t done, the draft’s not done, so a lot of the roster is to come.”

While Dak Prescott seems fully open to the Cowboys’ changes, he still feels the human side to these business moves. Two-time Pro Bowl QB Dak Prescott spoke about the difficulty he has had to say goodbye to his teammates, both on and off the field.

“This is the hardest part of the league to me, watching teammates, watching friends, watching men that you’ve grown up with over the past few years on the field and off the field leave and depart,” Dak Prescott said the Cowboys’ recent moves. “Just understanding that that’s the business of this game. Obviously sharing words with (Cooper and Collins), knowing how much they’ve impacted my career, how much they mean to me as people and players. I’m excited for them. I know they’ll do great things.”

Randy Gregory, Amari Cooper, and La’el Collins played in over 50 games for the Dallas Cowboys, which span multiple NFL seasons. Each of them have been with Dak Prescott through both the winning seasons as well as the down years.

It is clear that these moves were intended to save money. After their move to replace their veterans, the Cowboys have just $20 million left to spend. Although it is still unclear how exactly the Cowboys will spend that money, Dak Preston doesn’t care about the details. He is willing to work with what he has.

“I’m excited for this team,” the Cowboys QB continued. “I’m excited for the things I can control. And I’m going to continue to do everything I can to make this team better to finish in the best position that we can moving forward in this offseason and into training camp.”

After an early postseason exit, the Dallas Cowboys are now in their season. They lost the Wild Card game to San Francisco 49ers on which was a disappointing final play. The season will soon be over, but the slate is clean. It will depend on the moves they make between now and the opening day as to whether or not they improve their campaign next season.

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