Dak Prescott Reveals Where He Stands With 49ers Loss

Dak Prescott cannot stop thinking about the Dallas Cowboys’ loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Prescott spoke with Rich Eisen about the Cowboys’ season ending. Prescott revealed that he still thinks about the 49ers’ loss a lot, and several times per day.

“We were expecting to go so much further,” said Prescott. “… This (Cowboys) team was one that, we had everything. We thought we were headed in the right direction and doing everything we needed to do.”

This is a very telling admission by Dak. This is a telling admission from Dak, and it shows how much he cares for football, especially in the postseason.

After the start of the postseason, it was possible that the Cowboys got a little ahead of themselves. They were focused on the Super Bowl and not the Divisional Round with the San Francisco 49ers. It ended up costing them.

The Niners beat the Cowboys on their own turf and punched them in the face. Dak Prescott cannot stop thinking about it, and he will not stop until the next season’s revenge tour starts.

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