Dak Prescott reveals the shocking truth of missed time after Cowboys’ Week 7 return

In Week 7, Dak Prescott made the long-awaited Dallas Cowboys’ return. Prescott, who had not played since Week 1 because of injury, spoke out about his absence following the game, according to SI’s Albert Breer.

“I know how much of a blessing it was just to be able to watch these five weeks, and these five weeks to end up with the record we have…I was able to learn a lot,” Prescott said. “I was able to learn what this team’s capable of doing, what we have in all aspects of this team whether it be defense, special teams, whether it be our run game that I feel like is the best it’s been in the past couple years.”

Dak Prescott enjoyed his time at the sidelines, which allowed him to enjoy the game. He was able to learn valuable lessons about Cowboys and was prepared for his return.

The QB went 19-25 through the air in his first game back from injury. Dak Prescott also tallied more than 200 passing yards and a touchdown. Although it wasn’t a record setting performance, he looked sharp in Week 7. The Cowboys won against a Detroit Lions team with a final score 24-6, improving their season record to 5-2.

The Cowboys’ 2022 campaign was rocky. But, Cooper Rush, the backup quarterback, helped keep the Cowboys afloat in Prescott’s absence. Dallas is hopeful with Prescott back at the center.

In Week 8, the Cowboys will continue to roll against the Chicago Bears.


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