Dak Prescott Reveals Funny Lesson He Learned From Peyton Manning

Since joining the league, Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys quarterback has learned quite a few things.

Prescott is entering his sixth NFL season and was asked what one lesson he learned from great quarterbacks. He laughed about how he spoke generically about opposing teams.

He learned this lesson from Peyton Manning, a Hall of Fame quarterback.

Prescott stated, “I’ve seen a lot of Peyton Manning interview in my day.” “So I learned some things from him. “I learned how to communicate a lot and not say too much.

It’s worth a look.

The NFL’s quarterbacks are the most careful players. They don’t want to reveal too much about their game plans. Prescott is an expert on this topic.

With Super Bowl ambitions, the Cowboys enter the 2022 season with high hopes. Prescott will have to do most of the heavy lifting. The wide receiver corps is suffering from serious injuries in Dallas.

Can Dak lift the Cowboys into another playoff spot?

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