Dak Prescott Is Trending Following Deshaun Watson’s Contract Extension

Give Dak Prescott a year like last year and he could be cashing in like Deshaun Watson.


The Dallas Cowboys drug their feet through the mud in getting a contract extension completed for their quarterback. Instead, the team used the franchise tag to keep Prescott under contract for at least one more season.


Prescott has put up excellent numbers, but the two sides could not come into an agreement. With quarterbacks like Kirk Cousins, Patrick Mahomes, Ryan Tannehill, Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson, and now Watson all getting large contracts, all eyes will be put on Prescott’s performance in 2020.


After Watson agreed to a contract with the Texans that will nearly pay him $40 million per season, Blogging the Boys editor RJ Ochoa had a simple statement about Prescott.

Ochoa posted on social media that Prescott will “absolutely” get $40 million after Watson’s recent agreement.

“It is nothing other than amazing that the Dallas Cowboys totally, completely, and absolutely botched the Dak Prescott contract negotiations not just once but twice. Doesn’t mean they’ll lose him. Just means they will pay significantly more than they could have with more wisdom.”

All in all, if Prescott can produce another strong season, he will get paid a significant amount of money.

For now, Prescott has to play on the tag, something another quarterback in that list knows all about.

Kirk Cousins, the current Minnesota Vikings quarterback, and former Washington Redskins QB, was slapped with the tag twice during his tenure in Washington. Now that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is playing on the tag, Cousins offered up some advice.

Cousins appeared on the 10 Questions with Kyle Brandt podcast, and was asked what advice he would give to Prescott. According to Cousins, “get an insurance policy.”

“Well that would be my advice, honestly,” said Cousins. “Would be make sure you have an insurance policy. That’s the cost of doing business. If you’re willing to write that check and pay for that cost, go play football.”

Cousins believes that Prescott has proven enough to get paid a lucrative contract. In Cousins’ last year, he threw for 4,917 yards, 27 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. That led to nearly $96 million over three years.

In 2019, Prescott nearly threw for 5,000 yards and was second in the league in passing.

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