Dak Prescott gives surprising, harsh take on Cowboys fans pelting officials

The Dallas Cowboys lost a playoff game at AT&T Stadium in a truly heartbreaking manner. This time, it was the San Francisco 49ers. It was 1996 when the franchise last appeared in the NFC Championship match. Since then, it has been a struggle.

Cowboy fans were seen throwing trash onto the field after the game. DeMarcus Lawrence was also passing by — something struck the defensive end.

The complete sequence can be viewed below.

Lawrence explained that the trash wasn’t directed at him, but was in fact directed towards the referees. Dak Prescott, quarterback, was asked about the situation and was informed who the fans were venting their anger to. His response was interesting and might surprise some.

Prescott stated, “Credit To Them,” during his post-game press conference.

Official from NFL explains the bizarre ending to Dak Prescott’s story
The transcript of the interview between Todd Archer , a Pro Football Writers Association pool journalist, and Alex Kemp , the referee, revealed the details about what occurred in the last seconds of the game. The interview began with an emphasis on play and asked if the mechanics were as planned.

Kemp said that the umpire correctly spotted the ball. Kemp also confirmed that no communication was made between the NFL’s New York replay booth and the on-field officials.

Kemp answered questions about the incident between the Cowboys’ official and their players and reiterated that the situation was handled correctly.

“The umpire was simply spotting the ball properly. He collided with the players as he was setting the ball because he was moving into the proper spot.”

He said, “We’re following the play, keeping proper spacing so that we can identify fouls if they are.” The umpire will immediately spot the ball once the play is finished.

Archer asked Archer again after the interview ended to confirm if there had been any communication with replay booth.

Kemp stated, “That’s it. Once we confirm it with the officials on field,”

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