Dak Prescott discusses how his preparation has changed ahead of Wild Card weekend, playoffs

The Dallas Cowboys will be facing the San Francisco 49ers in a Wild Card matchup on Sunday. Dak Prescott Cowboys quarterback, opened up about his preparations for the 49ers and said that it’s a bit different to prepare for the playoffs.

Prescott replied, “Maybe just slightly more film,” when Prescott was asked about his playoff preparations. “Maybe just a little more film than in the regular breakdown. There are four to five games. Sometimes, you might want to see how they did in playoff games against other teams. It’s not just about getting a feel for the (defensive coordinator) and his call games, but also how he plans to play them and why he’s trying to scheming against different teams. I was just trying to understand how they came into this match against us.

Prescott was able to have a strong regular season with the Cowboys, despite having to deal with nagging injuries at times and inconsistencies. He threw for 4,449 yard, 37 touchdowns, and ten interceptions during the season. Prescott’s 37 touchdowns in the season broke the Cowboys single-season record previously held by Tony Romo at 36.

Dallas was 12-5 in the regular season, while San Francisco was 10-7. The Cowboys are third in the NFC while the 49ers are sixth.

Questions were raised about the team’s state after the Cowboys lost three of their four November games. Dallas responded by winning its last six games and four consecutively. The Cowboys scored 50 points twice over the final three weeks in victories over Philadelphia and Washington.

The 49ers finished the year strong. After sitting at 3-5 in Week 9, San Francisco turned the tables with a three-game winning streak that saw them reach 6-5. After losing to Seattle, beating Cincinnati and Atlanta, the 49ers lost to Tennessee and won against Houston and Los Angeles. The 49ers finished the season at 10-7. They went 7-2 in the final nine weeks.

The 49ers won’t be an easy matchup in the first round, but the Cowboys will play their best during this run. Prescott stated that the Cowboys won’t care about who they play in playoffs after the regular season. They’re going be ready.

Prescott stated, “It doesn’t matter.” “Line ’em up. We’re ready to run, no matter who it may be, wherever it may be.

The kickoff for Sunday is at 4:30 p.m. in Dallas

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