Dak Prescott Comments on Cooper Rush’s Performance

Dallas Cowboys QB Cooper Rush shocked everyone with his brilliant play against the Minnesota Vikings last night. Dak Preston, the quarterback Rush was replacing, saw it coming.

Dak was very kind to his backup quarterback when he spoke with the media. Dak said that Rush didn’t look nervous against the Vikings, and it was evident.

“There was never a moment when I thought that (Cooper Rush), was too high, nervous, or rattled. Coop never gets too high or low. It paid off. He was able to stick with it, endure some bad plays, and still make great plays.

Rush looked like a player who has had more NFL experience than he did in yesterday’s match against the Vikings. Rush finished the game with 325 yards passing and two touchdowns, while completing 60% of his passes.

Cooper Rush may be needed again by the Dallas Cowboys in Week 9 against Denver Broncos. Dak Prescott is still recovering from a leg injury, and the Cowboys might be willing to allow him more time off.

Dallas can now see the difference between Rush and Dak after Rush’s performance against the Vikings.

Dak will be able to get his job back once again if he is healthy. They need Cooper Rush to continue playing as well today as yesterday.

Rush will Rush be able to play like this in his next start.

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