Dak Prescott Calls out Bandwagon Cowboys Fans

Dak Prescott was a little harsh on “bandwagon” fans after the Dallas Cowboys’ loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. Prescott raised the topic twice in his postgame media meeting, acknowledging that “a lot of people are getting on the bandwagon”.

After the Cowboys’ loss to the Raiders, the Cowboys’ quarterback was among several players who met with officials. Both teams were penalized 14 time, but the Cowboys offenses totaled 166 yards and the Raiders’ 110 yards.

Anthony Brown, Cowboys cornerback, was flagged for a crucial pass interference penalty which put the Raiders into field goal territory. Prescott stressed that the Cowboys must be able “keep the officials out of the game.”

Prescott stated that ““We’ve got to get back to believing in the basics” and continue to play fundamental football while being more intelligent.

Prescott explained during his postgame press conference. “Being smart, as I said, being able to keep the officials out of the game, playing complimentary football, scoring touchdowns when the defense gets turnovers and we’ll be okay. [And] the sense is, I’m sure a bunch of people are jumping off the bandwagon, which is fine with us because we know what we’re capable of.”

“We know the team that we have. More importantly, we know the men that are in that locker room and that’s the most important thing is just our belief in each other and that’s not going anywhere. It’s not faded, we lost a tough one in an overtime game today and that’s the bottom line.”

“I’m sure Some People are Jumping off the Bandwagon” Prescott stated.
As he ended his press conference, Prescott once again mentioned the possibility of fans jumping on the bandwagon. As the Cowboys’ quarterback, Prescott stressed that the most important thing was the belief of the players in the team. Prescott acknowledged that Cowboys playing in a losing streak draws more attention.

Prescott said that “Yeah, well, stay focus, yeah when you work for this organization, you know how it goes, you’re only as good as the last game, and that we very much understand that.” “So, I believe it’s important not to listen to it. To block it out, to be focused on the things that really matter, and that’s our dedication to each other and our commitment towards winning. This is something that every man in the locker room shares, it’s a brotherhood. It is special.

It hurts and frustrates when you find yourself in this situation, but you know that you have the right men to help you. As I mentioned earlier, there are certain people who will jump on the bandwagon. But, what really matters is our trust in each other and our ability to get the job done.

Although the Cowboys didn’t hide their emotions about the officiating, not everyone believes that the Cowboys are handling the loss in the right way. Mike Fisher, Sports Illustrated’s Sports Illustrated editor, said that Prescott should not be talking about “bandwagon junk.”

Fisher tweeted November 25: “Dak and other Cowboys players pulling this ‘bandwagon junk’ regarding fan criticism.” “Fellas: It is a terrible look. It’s a business that is profitable. You lost. Fans can feel angry, sad, excited, or pissed. It’s okay.


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