Dak Prescott Announces His Plans For Week 18 Game

With a playoff spot secured and the NFC East title in their hands, Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys have little to lose in a division match against the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday.

We’ve seen it before: Most teams choose to rest their starters in Week 17, or, in this case, Week 18, due to the NFL’s long schedule. The Cowboys are still trying to get into the NFC’s playoff seeding.

The Cowboys are currently No. 4 seed in their conference. They are guaranteed to host one playoff match because of their division title. They need to have some luck in the last week of the regular season in order to host more games and be eligible for the playoff seeding.

Prescott and the Cowboys need to beat the Eagles on Saturday in order to move up to No. 2. They also need the Cardinals and Rams to lose – and it wouldn’t hurt if the Buccaneers did as well.

Prescott won’t be watching the NFC East battle Saturday from the sidelines. This weekend, Prescott will be playing at Lincoln Financial Field as the Cowboys’ franchise quarterback.

Dak Prescott isn’t the only Dallas Cowboys member who favors fighting the Eagles over rest.

Jerry Jones would like to see his team play in a playoff-like environment against a postseason opponent to help everyone prepare for the actual NFC Playoffs.

Jones stated, via DallasCowboys.com. It’s possible that they’re playing in Philadelphia, which is a playoff team. We must play a playoff match. This is how you get ready to go.

Prescott will likely play at most a few snaps Saturday when the Cowboys take on the Eagles.

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