Cowboys Were Asked If They Might Draft A Running Back

The Dallas Cowboys will keep all options open during the 2022 NFL Draft. This includes the possibility to draft a running back.

The Cowboys love where they are at the moment. Tony Pollard’s performance was crucial last season. Ezekiel Elliott is still hopeful that he can be his former self.

Stephen Jones does not want to shut down any position in the draft. The Cowboys will give a shot to the right player if he is available – even if he is running back.

Jones stated, via the Dallas Morning News “You look at Zeke, you look at Pollard, you look at Rico. We were just in with the coaches talking about that and you know those are three really strong running backs so, certainly not a position of need right now. At the same time, we know that Tony Pollard is going to be a free agent and things change quickly, so that’s why you don’t ever rule out any position especially if a player falls in there that you think has great value. I don’t think you ever relegate yourself to a position of ‘hey we’re not gonna take this’ or ‘we’re looking for a three not a one or a two.’ You have to be open minded as you move forward in the draft, look for where the value is and make decisions based on that.”

Cowboys have incentive to run back and try to find a late-round running gem.

The organization may try to find a way around Elliott’s costly contract. Pollard is on his final year of his rookie contract.

It would be smart for the Cowboys to plan ahead and run back either Friday or Saturday of this week.

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