Cowboys Veteran Named as Cut Candidate for Potential Odell Beckham Jr. Move

It’s worth considering who will be leaving the roster for wide receiver as the hype continues around Odell Beckham Jr.

This is the reality of the 53-man roster. There’s not enough room for everyone. Putting a team together can feel like a puzzle. Dallas must decide who will leave to make room for Beckham, with Beckham possibly joining the roster.

105.3 Bryan Broadus , the Fan host believes that wide receiver James Washington could be a potential player on outs. Washington has not played for the Cowboys since a foot injury in training camp, but seems to be close to the end of his recovery.

Broadus was asked by a Twitter fan about his current status and whether Dallas is getting ready to let Washington go.

“@BryanBroaddus any word on Washington , seems like he should be back and no mention of a setback . I wonder if Odell negotiations will allow them to medically settle with Washington rather then cut Tolbert just yet if Odell signs,” @DsymonsJr Tweeted.

Broadus believes that the fan correctly predicted the “plan” and that Washington’s inactivity and OBJ’s arrival to Dallas are “tied together.”

Although it is a difficult break for Washington, it’s not easy to attribute the Cowboys to picking OBJ over former Steelers star.

There was cause for optimism when Washington signed Dallas this offseason. Washington had been a solid performer for No. 2, or 3. 3 receiver, and Dallas required help at that position.

However, his two last years with Pittsburgh saw significant declines in production. He tallied just 677 receiving yards in 31 games between 2020 and 2021, according to Pro Football Reference. This was far from the 735 receiving yard he had in 2019, his best year in the league.

The Cowboys were supposed to offer a fresh start. However, the former Oklahoma State star suffered an infected foot in late July. Although the injury was expected to keep him out of action for six weeks, the Cowboys have entered Week 13 with Washington.

If Beckham is to join Dallas, medically settling his salary might be the best option for both parties. However, signing with the Cowboys is not a guarantee.

Beckham’s pursuit is partly about the amount Dallas will pay him. Beckham, who has had a great time with the Los Angeles Rams is clearly trying to maximize his salary.

It remains to be determined what his contract will look for the Cowboys and other NFL teams. We do know what Washington makes this year. Spotrac indicates that he has a $1.19 million contract.

Washington’s contract, regardless of whether Dallas pays him his entire salary or cut a deal to make him pay less, is too small to be significant. Dallas has $7.29million in cap space so even though he is still owed $500,000 or more, it should be something that the Cowboys are able to afford.

OBJ requires as the most important element. Washington’s settlement will not price Dallas out, but Beckham might.

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