Cowboys Urged to Sign 2-Time Super Bowl Champion

The Dallas Cowboys require a veteran left tackle more than ever.

Prior to Tyron’s avulsion fracture injury this Week, the Cowboys had a problem with their lack of tackle depth. Smith’s injury will keep Smith out of action for at least few months. This makes it even more urgent to add a tackle.

David Howman from SB Nation’s Blog the Boys indicated that 34-year-old left tackle Nate Solder was a potential option for the Cowboys just prior to Smith’s injury. Solder is most well-known for his seven-season with the New England Patriots between 2011 and 2017. He played the New York Giants for the four previous seasons.

Howman believes that Solder, a two-time Super Bowl champ who was named to the franchise’s All-Dynasty roster, could offer versatility (he can play both handle positions) and a winning pedigree for a team seeking a Super Bowl.

“It wasn’t too long ago that Nate Solder was regarded as one of the best left tackles in the NFL,” said Howman. “He spent seven seasons guarding Tom Brady’s blind side with the Patriots, winning two Super Bowls in the process and playing well enough to be named to the franchise’s All-Dynasty team.

It is fair to wonder what Solder, a 34-year-old tackle, has left in the tank. But his resume speaks more than words. Solder is a left tackle with a lot of experience. He was also part of a winning culture. It would be worthwhile to bring him in for a trial run.

Although there are better and younger options available on the free agent marketplace (e.g. Eric Fisher at 31), you won’t be able to find a left tackle who has a better track record of winning. Solder is familiar with NFC East competition, having served as the Giants’ blindside protector for four seasons.

Solder may not be the dominant tackle as he was in his early career with the Patriots — Solder only posted an 85.8 offensive rating during the 2016 season according to Pro Football Focus — but he is still a solid option at the tackle position. For a line that was simply not very good, he posted a 60.3 offensive rating last season. The Giants’ offensive line, as a whole, had a 52.9 offensive score ranking them among the three lowest-ranked teams in the league.

Comparatively, Aviante Collins posted a 60.1 offense grade in preseason, Matt Waletzko had a 57.4 grade before his shoulder injury, and Josh Ball has struggled tremendously, ranking as one the worst tackles with a 47.5 offensive score in preseason.

A veteran insurance policy could be a great option for the Cowboys, considering that all three of these options have five games of combined experience.

According to Josina of CBS Sports the Cowboys will look at free agency markets after further cuts, but will instead turn to “inhouse” players.

Dallas must ensure they add a veteran tackle to their team if they are going to add another. Solder, who has played in 143 of his 146 career starts since 2011, could be a viable option for the Cowboys’ left tackle problems.

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