Cowboys Star Micah Parsons Sends Message to Patrick Mahomes

Dallas Cowboys rookie defensive linebacker Micah Parsons prepares for his team’s match against the Patrick Mahomes, and the Kansas City Chiefs. He did however make an interesting confession about the MVP quarterback going into the game.

Parsons, speaking to media Wednesday, said that he was excited to have the chance to play against Mahomes. Parsons called Mahomes a future Hall of Famer, and stated that he enjoys playing with him in the Madden game series.

His throwing power. His ability to throw without looking. This is the guy I like on madden. This is my first time playing him and I am excited to see his performance in person. Parsons stated, “He’s just an incredible player, future Hall of Famer.”

Micah Parsons has had a great rookie season. The 12th pick in 2021 NFL Draft had 44 tackles, 16.0 sacks, 15 QB hits and 11 tackles. He also has two passes defended, one forced fumble, and two passes defended. In the last two games, he has recorded 3.5 sacks.

He’ll have to work hard to stop Patrick Mahomes, who will be putting on an aerial show this Sunday. Mahomes just threw 406 yards and five touchdowns against the Las Vegas Raiders.

If Mahomes has the opportunity, the Cowboys won’t be Mahomes’ first good defense.

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