Cowboys Reveal Their Roster Strategy Moving Forward

The Dallas Cowboys received a lot of criticism this offseason for the way they handled it. The team is not happy with the way they handled cap issues and gave up some key players.

Stephen Jones, Cowboys vice-president, stated that the Cowboys will continue to sign players before their contracts expire. Jones acknowledged that it was difficult to make deals for Dallas due to the cap situation.

Jones stated that Jones felt confident that he would get back into the mix to sign some of these young players. Jones added that this will help to avoid that free agency risk.

The Cowboys were successful in resigning wide receiver Michael Gallup, and tagging tight end Dalton Schultz. They had to let Randy Gregory, their star pass rusher, go and traded Amari Cooper to Browns to get cap relief.

It is debatable whether Dallas Cowboys are in better or worse position now than they were at the end 2021 season. In 2022, Gregory and Cooper will likely be gone.

James Washington and Dante Fowler will replace Cooper and Gregory. Ryan Nall, the running back, is the other player who has joined via free agency.

Dallas might have to rely heavily on their nine draft picks in order to fill the void.

Will the Cowboys be more prepared for the offseason 2023 next year?

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