Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott reveals real level of pain on injured knee

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has had a troubling knee injury for some time. It became a concern again during their Week 11 matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Zeke, however, brushed aside his fears about the nagging injury and said that he is experiencing only temporary pain.

“It’s obvious that if I fall on it or get twisted up, I’m going get some pain there. It’s temporary, but it’s not as severe,” Elliott said according to the Cowboys website. It’s almost like when you break your toe and have to take it off.

Ezekiel Elliott was unable to play Sunday’s game against Chiefs because of a knee injury. His availability was greatly improved when Dallas listed Elliott as a full participant at practice.

It appears that Elliott’s injury was not severe and he is now able to play in all of his games. Although the injury is still a concern, it does not appear to be a problem long-term as the Cowboys fight for the playoffs.

The Cowboys cannot afford to lose another offensive weapon, however, for what it’s value, Due to COVID-19, Amari Cooper, the wide receiver, is expected to miss Week 12. CeeDee Lamb remains in concussion protocol.

The Cowboys hope that Zeke does not suffer any setbacks as they attempt to get back in the win column after their loss to Chiefs.

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