Cowboys Pushed to Make Expensive Move With QB Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys must extend their contract with Dak Prescott as soon as possible. Prescott’s future isn’t a question but rather when and how much. According to Jon Machota from The Athletic, the Cowboys have a firm commitment to Prescott for the near future.

Machota stated that the Cowboys were committed to Prescott as their QB in the near future, so a contract extension is needed soon. Dallas cannot apply the franchise tag to Prescott when his current contract ends.

Prescott’s contract runs through 2024, but the cap for his salary next season is $59.5 million.

Prescott turns 30 in July, but he is expected to sign a deal with a value comparable to some of the largest deals in the NFL. Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson makes $52 million per year, Philadelphia Eagles Jalen Hurts earns $51 million, and New York Jets Aaron Rodgers earns just over $50 millions .

If it’s a four-year deal, he will be in Dallas until the 2028 season. Machota wrote that Prescott would have been 35 years old at the time. “The average annual value is likely to be closer $50 million than it currently is.”

Prescott’s best season as a professional is not yet behind him. He was the league leader in interceptions, despite missing five matches. He threw 15 interceptions in the regular season. Prescott’s turnovers are a problem, but he still has qualities that make him a top quarterback. Prescott passed for 2,860 yard and 23 touchdowns despite the Cowboys’ lack of depth in wide receiver.

Prescott’s resume is enough to convince the Cowboys that he can stay longer. Prescott doesn’t worry about a contract extension because he knows it will be done when the time comes. He has no plans to move anywhere.

At a charity event in March , Prescott stated: “I am excited to be a Dallas Cowboy.” “I’ve always dreamed of being here. “Now that I am here, I do not expect to play with any other team. It’s all about winning now. Look forward to a new extension. It will happen when the time comes. Stephen Jones is right, it could happen over night. It will happen when it happens. “It will be fantastic.”

Prescott has had some good seasons, including two Pro Bowl campaigns. He’s defined by his inability to win postseason games. To define his legacy, Prescott must lead the Cowboys to a long playoff run.

Prescott, the Cowboys’ general manager, described back-to-back 12-win years as “building years”.

“Going back in time to 2021, Prescott said. We built that year and we can rebuild again. That’s your best chance of success.

You’ve got to knock it. You have to experience it (being in big situations). You feel more confident, and you are excited about all the details. “I’m excited to see it.”

Last season, the Cowboys won the Wild Card Round by defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a score of 31-14. Dallas’ season was ended by the San Francisco 49ers in the Divisional round, losing 19-12.

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