Cowboys Projected as Landing Spot for Speedy Dolphins Free Agent WR

Although the Dallas Cowboys are yet to make an impact in the wide receiver market following the NFL draft, the team may sign a former Miami Dolphins player.

Despite the additions in free agency of James Washington, a former Steelers WR, and Jalen Tolbert, in the third round 2022 NFL draft; Cowboys receivers still lack experience.

Noah Brown, Cowboys Depth WR, has the most experience among all Cowboys WRs. He arrived in the league in 2017 and has been there since then. Washington and Michael Gallup were also drafted in 2018 NFL Draft, rounding off the trio of most experienced receivers on this roster.

Insider the Star writer Nick Coppola has identified Will Fuller, a former Dolphins and Houston Texans receiver, as a potential free agent signing for Dallas.

Coppola stated that Fuller would be a low risk, low-cost option to add depth to the Cowboys WR corps. Fuller brings depth and experience to the position that Dallas does not have.

Fuller is a good option for Cowboys, but Dallas should consider other options. It all starts with Fuller’s time as a former Texans receiver in the Lone Star State.

After a stellar college career at Notre Dame, Fuller was drafted by Houston in the 2016 NFL Draft as the 21st overall selection. Fuller was a natural athlete with explosive speed and great hands. He immediately proved that in the NFL.

Pro Football Reference reveals that Fuller’s rookie campaign had 623 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns. Fuller set the standard and he did not drop below 400 receiving yards nor two touchdowns in his four subsequent seasons.

Fuller’s touchdowns versus played is one of his most impressive stats: Fuller has 24 touchdowns from 55 games.

Fuller’s final year in Houston in 2020 was his best. The former Fighting Irish receiver accumulated 879 receiving yards, eight touchdowns and a total of $10.625 million in his final season with the Texans. Fuller was eligible for free agency in 2021. He signed a one-year deal with the Dolphins for $10.625 million.

Coppola wrote that the only downside to signing him was his health. “Except for the broken thumb last season,” Coppola writes. Fuller also tore his ACL in 2018 and was forced to miss 2019 games. In 2017, he also broke his collarbone. He has suffered three injuries by the age of 28. It is not a guarantee that he will not get hurt again.

Fuller was suspended for drug use and had to play only two games. He also made four catches. This was a terrible season considering that Miami signed a short-term contract paying him an eight-figure salary.

Fuller could be a victim of Dallas’s negligence, but Dallas would not have to pay Fuller a lot of money. The Cowboys should consider getting a good deal considering that Fuller is still not signed by the Dolphins.

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