Cowboys Predicted to Make Blockbuster Trade for Falcons Pro Bowler

Although the Dallas Cowboys added players to every part of their roster during the 2022 offseason there are still many areas the team can improve.

Linebacker is a key area in defense. The free agency has a potential to expand the Cowboys’ linebacker pool. But Bleacher Report analyst Alex Ballentine predicts that the Cowboys will trade to acquire a new linebacker prior to the league’s trade deadline.

Dallas will be starting the season with Micah Parsons and Leighton VanderEsch as their primary linebackers. Parsons will shift around the defense. Vander Esch has had a difficult season in recent seasons and Cox enters his second NFL season, having made seven appearances in 2021.

Ballentine stated in a May 6 article that Dallas could trade for Atlanta Falcons Linebacker Deion. Jones, who is 27 years old, knows Dan Quinn, Cowboys defensive coordinator well. A reunion could revive Jones’ career.

Ballentine wrote that Jones had a grade of 87.3 in 2017 and was voted into the Pro Bowl as a sophomore player. Fast forward to 2021 and Quinn is the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive coordinator. Jones is currently coming off one his worst seasons with a 34.6 with PFF.

Jones is an NFL player that any team would love to have at his best. It’s only a matter getting him back in the right gear.

Jones, a rookie who played like a veteran when the Falcons made their 2016 run to the Super Bowl, was taken by Atlanta in the second round of the 2016 NFL draft. Atlanta selected Jones in the second round 2016 NFL draft. The former LSU star paid immediate dividends.

Jones had three interceptions during his first two seasons. He totaled 21 passes defended and 162 solo tackles. In 2016, he was third in Defensive Roster of the Year voting and was then voted to the Pro Bowl.

Jones was forced to miss 10 regular season games due to a foot injury. Jones’s first two NFL seasons have been marred by injuries to his foot.

Jones was more successful as a pass rusher in 2020 and 2021. He had only put up two sacks his first four years. Jones’ coverage numbers are much less impressive. He was able to achieve a 114.8 passer rating during that time. In 2021, his first NFL season without an interception, he didn’t record one.

Ballentine’s trade proposal to Atlanta and Dallas is focused on the deadline. This is critical for any potential deal to happen. Atlanta would have $23.8 million of dead money under Jones’ current contract if it traded the linebacker prior to June 1.

Atlanta could trade Jones after June 1, if they are ready to let Jones goes. This is a huge deal for a team trying to reload their squad following the departure of Matt Ryan, long-time QB.

Dallas would have to be creative. According to Spotrac Jones will still receive close to $10 million from either the Cowboys, or any other team willing to trade him. At the time of writing, Dallas has $13.4million cap space. This is before the team has signed their draft picks to rookie contracts.

Although the Cowboys would have to make a deal by cutting or trading, they have enough time with the June 1 deadline.

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