Cowboys Player’s Wife Announces He’s Out For Season

On Tuesday afternoon, a Dallas Cowboys player’s spouse took to Twitter to share the news of her husband’s injury.

Kate Urban, wife of Brent Urban Cowboys defensive lineman, announced Tuesday that Brent will not be returning for the season.

Cowboys defensive player had to have season-ending tricep surgeries. He will continue to play for the Cowboys, but not in a leading role.

“Brent [Urban] underwent season-ending tricep surgeries today. It was not possible for him to return. While he will miss the boys, he will still be involved in as many activities as possible. He’ll be back stronger than ever, I am certain. “TY for all your love and support,” Kate tweeted.

Brent Urban has been on the injured reserve for some time. It was believed that he would be able to make a comeback at some point in the year.

Brent’s injury was clearly worsened when he had to have season-ending surgery Tuesday. This is a disappointing setback for the Cowboys’ defensive lineman.

Brent was an important player for the Cowboys before his season-ending injury/surgery. His absence has caused Dallas’ defense to struggle, particularly at the defensive interior.

This Thursday, the Cowboys face off against the New Orleans Saints.

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