Cowboys Player Receives Punishment For Play That Got Him Benched

A Dallas Cowboys player will be fined for a violation he made in a preseason game. Dante Fowler, a defensive end, is the fined player.

According to a report, Dante Fowler will be fined $10,609 by the NFL for his unnecessary roughness penalty, which led to him being benched at the Cowboys’ preseason opener.

Fowler was flagged after pushing an opponent player off a pile during play. Mike McCarthy sent Fowler to the bench and he was suspended for the rest of the contest.

McCarthy has done everything possible to reduce team penalties but was unsuccessful in the Cowboys’ preseason opener.

McCarthy was not tolerating Fowler’s choice.

“That’s a discipline penalty,” McCarthy told reporters after the game, per the team site. “Frankly, that’s why Dante was done for the night after that. We can’t have that.”

Fowler might soon learn his lesson. Fowler will be punished with a fine and a benching if he continues to violate the law.

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