Cowboys’ Mike McCarthy driving the Ezekiel Elliott hype train with bold claim

The Dallas Cowboys had a busy offseason, and they hope to win NFC East for the second consecutive year. Many are questioning Ezekiel Elliot’s ability to run the game. Tony Pollard played an important role in that last season. Fans still have reason to be optimistic about Elliott’s abilities, however.

Jon Machota claims that Ezekiel Elliott ran 22 mph on Tuesday according to Mike McCarthy. It’s difficult to believe this is true, considering that the Cowboys’ running back has been suffering from a lingering injury to his knee. Maybe Elliott has been through a rigorous program to get to his peak.

For a better understanding of running speed, Jonathan Taylor was the fastest player to run in 2021. He ran 22.13 mph on a 67 yard rushing touchdown in Week 15. via Sporting News. According to this source, Taylor ran 21.83 miles an hour. This information is not accurate and you should be skeptical. However, NFL’s fastest players average 22 miles per hour during the season. The Cowboys coach claims Elliott ran twice as fast on Tuesday as he claimed.

Mike McCarthy doesn’t seem to be fabricating too many. Dallas could potentially use Ezekiel Elliot in the 2022 season. Although the Cowboys are a very competitive team, a strong running attack will be key to their success. This offense will be extremely difficult to stop if Elliott is able to get back to 100 percent.

Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys and other players are being closely watched to ensure that they get back in Super Bowl contention.

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