Cowboys Make Decision on Potential Jaylon Smith Reunion: Report

If you are wondering if Jaylon Smith, linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys could be heading towards a reunion, the answer is no. Smith was released by the Packers in less than one month. CBS Sports’ Patrik Walker reported that Smith would be “stunned,” if the Cowboys brought him back, even though rookie JabrilCox was ruled out for this season.

Walker explained that despite Jabril’s season-ending ACL tear, CBS Sports sources told them they would be “stunned” (as one put it) if Cowboys chose to double back Smith, who they had been so determined to move on from a month earlier. “(They are now considering the return of Francis Bernard, an injured reserve player, as the replacement for Cox. The 26-year old is also a question mark because of his divorce and the fact that he is not a special team weapon like Cox, which the Cowboys would require of him. It doesn’t add up anymore now that it did before Oct. 5.

So, although they still pay him, it seems that the ship has sailed. The team has Luke Gifford, a key team member who can replace Cox. Jayron Kearse is a budding safety star who will be used as a linebacker for big nickel packages. The math doesn’t support any type of Smith reunion at the moment.

Smith was in two games for the Packers , notching one tackle. He was also surprised to be inactive against Cardinals just days before being released. It is not clear if Smith will be able to find another spot. ESPN’s Todd Archer pointed out that Smith’s inability to play special teams makes it unlikely that Smith will be welcome back in Dallas.

“No, Jaylon Smith is not an option for the Cowboys to replace Jabril Cox,” ESPN’s Todd Archer stated via Twitter on November 2. “He didn’t play special team the first time that he was here.”

Walker reported that Smith was released by the Cowboys after he refused to waive a clause from his contract that would have put Dallas on the hook to pay his 2022 salary for if he sustained serious injury. This was unnecessary given the emergence of young Cowboys linebackers such as Micah Parsons.

Walker said that when Walker approached Walker and asked him to waive his injury clause, he refused. Walker explained that they saw an opportunity to both free up younger talent and to release him from his contract. They were so determined in their mission, they ended up spending $7.6 million to free him. This allowed the Packers pay the veteran minimum to him as the Cowboys would have to cover the rest of his 2021 salary.

Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, praised Smith upon his release but acknowledged that Smith still has leg problems.

Jones stated that it was difficult because Jones is a true warrior during a October 8 interview with Dallas’ Texas’ 105.3 The Fan. He was the type of person you would think about when you see someone overcoming adversity. To overcome his injury, he had to overcome a lot of obstacles. His drop foot, which he called it, still haunts him to this day.

“They had to do a lot of physical rehabilitation to people like Jason Witten and Sean Lee. They would often work with him while he was recovering. He would tell me that we have never seen anyone push themselves to this level for rehab or to overcome an injury like he did.

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