Cowboys: Jerry Jones frustrated with Amari Cooper, discusses contract

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner, is unhappy with certain contracts and his current cap predicament. This includes Amari Cooper, wide receiver.

Jones wanted more from Cooper, especially considering the amount he is paying for the Alabama product. In a weekly radio segment, the Dallas owner did not hide that fact.

“Amari Cooper should take half the field with him when he runs a route…a whole bunch of that defense ought to have to honor Cooper. He ought to be able to catch it in the middle when they’re going with him. Others do. You throw to people that are covered all the time,” Jones said.

This criticism is not subtle at all.

Contract with Amari Cooper: What do Cowboys pay him for?
Cooper will make $60 million in the next three seasons. Although the Cowboys have an offseason, it is unlikely that they will use it.

“The reason those contracts are being discussed is because they have two sides to them: one’s got it coming and the other’s got to pay it,” said Jones. ”The one that’s got it coming is going to go out and perform usually to the level of the contract. That’s usually the way I think about those contracts.”

Jones did not say that he regretted signing Cooper a large contract. However, his comment suggests that he would like to see more from Dak Prescott’s top option. He ended the year with 865 yards receiving and eight touchdowns. However, he played only 14 games.

Jerry is the one to blame. Cooper’s production at the time was sufficient to warrant such a deal. Jones invested. It’s his fault.

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