Cowboys Insider Addresses Theory About Zeke’s Fumbling Issue

That was one of the worst showings of Zeke Elliott we have ever seen.


Instead of putting the team on his back, Elliott was the main catalyst in the Dallas Cowboys trailing 14-0. Elliott fumbled the ball on two straight drives and at one point was benched for backup Tony Pollard.


Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals turned those turnovers into touchdowns as the Cardinals pounded the Cowboys on Monday Night Football.


Right after the loss, there were theories circulating on social media for why Elliott is fumbling the football so much. As of Week 6, Elliott had five fumbles on the season.


One theory was that Elliott is wearing long sleeves. According to Cowboys insider David Helman, this theory is ridiculous because “we’ve seen Elliott take care of the football while wearing long sleeves in the past.”


“Long Sleeve Zeke & Long Sleeve Dak was, like, a capital “T” Thing in 2018 when they won 7 of 8. I dunno why he can’t hold on to the ball. But I don’t think it’s that,” tweeted Helman.


After the game, Zeke put the team’s loss on his shoulders.


“I’m just going to keep saying it over and over – I started the game out with two fumbles, gave the ball away and gave them all the momentum they need to go take off,” Elliott said. “ I want to say I’m sorry and this one is on me. I need to be better.”


The Cowboys will look to right the ship as they take on the Washington Football Team next week.

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