Cowboys Reportedly Hire Former Top Offensive Coach

According to Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated the Cowboys have hired  the Jacksonville Jaguars’ passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach during the 2021 season.

Schottenheimer (48) has a lot of NFL experience. Schottenheimer has played with many NFL teams, including the Chargers (Colts), Jets, Jets, and Seahawks over the past 20 years.

Schottenheimer’s role is unclear in Dallas but it seems like he will play an important part in the team’s offensive game planning.

Breer said that Schottenheimer will be focusing a lot on league trends, game-planning, and other aspects of his job. “This is a pretty cool idea.

“Much of Schottenheimer’s job will center on league trends and game-planning,” Breer added. “Pretty cool idea.”

McAdoo spent a year working as a consultant with the Cowboys and was offered the job of offensive coordinator for Carolina Panthers.

Schottenheimer may be able to jump-start his coaching career by spending time in Dallas.

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