Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, QB Dak Prescott respond to Amari Cooper’s complaints

Wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys Amari Cooper was a hot topic when he lamented about his team’s offense, and his lack of targets. Cooper felt that he could play a greater role in the offense, especially in the red zone. Cooper’s comments were responded to by Mike McCarthy, Cowboys quarterback, and Dak Prescott, Cowboys head coach.

“I mean, you want to get the ball to him,” Prescott said Thursday. “You’d much rather have a guy saying that and a guy hungry for the ball than him shying away from it in critical situations or just when you need to. It’s a balance. We’ve got a lot of playmakers on this team and on this offense, particularly when you’re talking about the receivers: not just those three, but the guys- Ced[rick Wilson] and Malik [Turner] behind them- and then you’ve got two great backs. It’s only one ball. He understands that, and he does whatever he can to help the team when he’s not getting the ball. But yeah, I would love to get him the ball more, as much as some of the other guys.”

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy also downplayed any so-called drama caused by Cooper voicing a desire to get more opportunities.

“I have no issue with guys wanting to do more. That’s definitely what you’re looking for,” McCarthy said on a conference call Friday.

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy, Cowboys head coach, had no problem Amari Cooper venting his frustrations with the offense. Prescott stated that Cooper is a better option than someone who refuses to give up on such opportunities.

McCarthy echoed McCarthy’s sentiments, stating that Prescott and Cowboys want Cooper to be “wanting more”.

This is the point. Although Cooper was technically demanding more targets for Prescott, he wasn’t doing so in a selfish manner. Cooper truly believes he can help the Cowboys turn more field goals into touchdowns. They have gotten at least three field goals each of their last two games. He’s likely right.

They both responded to Amari Cooper’s concerns about the offense, as they clearly showed.


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