Cowboys GM Jerry Jones gets brutally honest on Dak Prescott’s struggles

Jerry Jones, Cowboys general manager and owner, isn’t happy with his quarterback’s performance. According to ESPN Jones was interviewed by 105.3 The Fan in Dallas about Dak Prescott’s slump.

Jones stated Tuesday that he didn’t want Jones to call it slump but that it was probably fair. Jones said that the decrease in productivity is due to many factors.

This comes just one day after Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy denied Prescott being in a slump. He held a press conference on Monday, following Dallas’ win against Washington on Sunday. While he disagrees with Jones, he also mentioned the fact that there are multiple variables that go into an offense. “I think a lot of things go into it. I don’t think Dak’s in a slump,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy continued his response by acknowledging that many things didn’t go their ways in Week 14. These are easily fixed issues and McCarthy said that the team will continue to work with them on correcting their mistakes this week.

The Cowboys’ inability to make a consistent offensive contribution Sunday afternoon was a major problem. They scored 24 points in the first period, but only one field goal in the second. Prescott’s poor performance could explain a lot of it. He threw only one touchdown pass and had two interceptions. Prescott was also sacked 4 times, earning a low quarterback rating of 9.9.

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