Cowboys Fans Speculating About Major NFL Draft Trade

Tyron Smith has been major piece of the Dallas Cowboys offense for the past 11 seasons. This season, Smith who was the 2011 first-round selection made his eighth Pro Bowl appearance.

Smith is still an effective player but he isn’t always healthy. In 2021, he missed six regular-season games and only two in the previous year. Smith played his last full season in 2015.

Given Smith’s injury history, his contract status (signed for two additional seasons), and his age (31), would the Cowboys trade Smith in this offseason?

There’s a chance that Locked on Cowboys’ Marcus Mosher might have mentioned on this week’s podcast. Mosher asked if Smith would be available to the Ravens, or if Smith would be available to the Bengals with their 31st overall pick.

Cowboys fans aren’t buying either of these items as a legitimate possibility for many reasons.

Terence Steele was the starting left tackle in the six games Smith missed in 2021. Steele, who is currently under contract for next season, would likely be the best option to replace Smith if the Cowboys trade him.

It will be impossible to believe that they will do it until it happens.

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