Cowboys Fans Are Furious With Penalty Call On Final Drive

Fans and media not happy with OPI called on Michael Gallup


Cowboys fans are not happy.


Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey was in the middle of a controversial offensive pass interference call with Cowboys wideout Michael Gallup. After the game, head coach Mike McCarthy called the play an “obvious” mistake, while fans were riled up on Twitter.


That penalty forced a 3rd-and-10 into a 3rd-and-20 with only 21 seconds left to play. Dak Prescott would throw two incompletions later as the Rams closed out the 20-17 season-opening win.


Fans were convinced that this was a bad call.

“That call on Michael Gallup was brutal. Wrong,” one fan tweeted.

“Michael Gallup beat Jalen Ramsey. Jalen Ramsey complains. OPI,” another fan tweeted.

“Really didn’t like this OPI call on Michael Gallup. He doesn’t extend his arms. Both he and Ramsey are hand-fighting. Good job by Ramsey to sell it,” another fan said.

Well, like it or not, Ramsey had a message for everyone.

When speaking to the media after the game, Ramsey said the offensive pass interference was “as clear as day.” He later said that if the referee didn’t call it, “I would have been highly upset.”


Members of the media commented on the play, including FS1’s Colin Cowherd. He believes the whistle should not have been blown.


“My rule on pass interference — let great athletes battle for the ball. Try to never call it, unless it’s OBVIOUS. That didn’t feel obvious,” the FOX Sports 1 host tweeted late after the game.


The Cowboys will look to turn things around next week against the Atlanta Falcons.

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